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UNITED SIKHS AID: Thailand Floods 2011

Map Source: The Nation

Thailand’s monsoon season this year has been the most severe in over 50 years as floodwaters have swept and swelled 60 of Thailand’s 77 provinces over the past two months. They have completely devastated over 300,000 homes, swamped scores of factories and destroyed over 10% of the nations rice farms.  Over 320 people have died and more than 9 million have been displaced or otherwise affected.

The central bank has stated that the damage to industry has amounted to over 100bn baht ($3.3bn; £2.1bn).

Whilst Thailand’s community continues to sandbag their homes to prevent water penetration and stocks up on daily essentials such as food and water the risk of water borne disease is becoming an overwhelming problem. Stagnant water is rampant and drinking water has been contaminated fostering an environment which is nearing a medical emergency.

UNITED SIKHS is currently working with the Sikhs in Thailand on an action plan and medical volunteers are urgently needed to assist Thailand with the relief work underway.

Please watch a trailer on our appeal at UNITEDSIKHS TV

Volunteer with us in Thailand and provide medical aid to those affected OR Donate and save lives in the process.  Engage with UNITED SIKHS and make an impact, make a difference, and make a change.

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