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Bangladesh Cyclone - Mora Relief 2017

More than 500,000 people are without a place to call home after a powerful cyclone ripped through parts of Bangladesh and Myanmar this week.

Former Cyclone Mora wreaked havoc on 29th and 30th of May, destroying nearly everything in its path. The cyclone blew in from Sri Lanka, where it caused flooding and landslides that killed 202 people. Another 96 people are listed as missing.

Bangladesh and Myanmar are particularly prone to devastating storm surges due to the highly populated coastal plain which also contains several rivers. This topography along with a high population density has resulted in eight of the top 10 deadliest cyclones in recorded history originating in the Bay of Bengal.

The most vulnerable communities in the region were some of the hardest hit. Thousands of poorly built homes were damaged by heavy rainfall and toppled trees. A temporary refugee camp, home to Rohingyas who had fled northwest Myanmar, was left completely flattened. Officials in one area reported wind gusts of up to 85 mph. So far the storm has resulted in at least six deaths and dozens more injured or unaccounted for.

While the storm has since dissipated, the disaster relief has just begun. Preparing for the worst, the UNITED SIKHS (US) is coordinating with local disaster response teams in Myanmar and is ready to distribute food, blankets, water, hygiene and shelter assistance.

"These communities were already extremely vulnerable and this significantly compounds the problem," said Gurvinder singh, Director of UNITED SIKHS. "We are concerned that the rainfall and high river levels will trigger additional flooding and continue the threat for mudslides. Our top priority right now is to provide displaced persons with basic necessities, and to do so immediately.

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