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UNITED SIKHS is a UN-affiliated, international non-profit, non-governmental, humanitarian relief, human development and advocacy organization, aimed at empowering those in need, especially disadvantaged and minority communities across the world. Click here to learn more about us.


WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA — UNITED SIKHS today announced a call for donations to help victims of Hurricane Florence, which continues to batter the East Coast of the United States. The humanitarian organization partnered with nine gurudwaras to open donation drop-off centers across the country. Items most urgently needed include: baby formula, blankets, first aid kits, flashlights, batteries, bottled water, hygiene products, and dry food, such as rice, beans and flour.
Belmont, West Australia:Langar symbolizes the recognition of the human race as one, since anyone irrespective of caste, creed, race, or religion can partake in Langar. This is why in Sikh Gurdwaras (Sikh Houses of Worship), all who partake in Langar sit on the floor denoting that no one is above or beneath anyone else. All the food is prepared by dedicated volunteers and there is no cost to those who partake.
KERALA, INDIA — Children around the world are donating their piggy banks to the Kids for Kerala fundraising campaign launched by UNITED SIKHS, a global United Nations affiliated non-profit dedicated to disaster relief and humanitarian advocacy. To date, Kids for Kerala have raised $5,000 in funds among children in Africa, Australia, Canada, France, India, the United States and United Kingdom for the organization's mobile medical camp serving the remote tribal regions ravaged by the record monsoon.
KERALA, INDIA- As waters recede following the worst flood Kerala has experienced in the last century, local officials have issued warnings of public health threats and potential epidemics that may be on the rise. Launching a full-scope ground relief program in response to the disaster, UNITED SIKHS today provided medicine and healthcare check-ups to the tribal areas left barricaded by mudslides after the monsoon.
OAK CREEK, WI- In recognition of the 6th anniversary of the tragic shooting that claimed the lives of six Sikhs at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, UNITED SIKHS today launched a new public education campaign aimed at creating meaningful discussions about Sikh history and civil rights in America. Focusing on towns and cities where hate crimes against Sikhs have been reported, the Coffee with a Sikh series will allow non-Sikh Americans to learn about the five articles of faith in Sikhism, contributions made throughout history and statistics on hate crimes.
Your religious freedom is important to us. The derogatory remarks aired on NJ 101.5 FM last week referencing New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal as "turban man" reinforce the need to continue practicing our faith fearlessly and join efforts to raise public awareness about the historical contributions of Sikhs in American history and present-day society.
NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. - UNITED SIKHS, in partnership with the NYC Dept. of Education, today celebrated a new milestone for the Sikh community: new Sikh-focused lesson plans for elementary and middle school students. The lesson plans are entitled Creating Political Cartoons: Civil Rights in the USA and The Teachings of Sikhism, and support 5th and 6th graders in learning about the lives of Sikh Americans through U.S. civil rights and world religions.
Jalabad, Afghanistan - 1st July 2018: UNITED SIKHS condemns the deadly suicide attack that hit the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad. Ghulam Sanayi Stanekzai, Nangarhar's police chief, said the explosion was caused by a suicide bomber who targeted a vehicle carrying members of the Sikh minority who were travelling to meet the president. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) group claimed responsibility for the attack. UNITED SIKHS will provide humanitarian aid to the impacted families.
SHILLONG, INDIA - Amidst public protests against the government's proposal to relocate all Sikhs in Punjabi Lane, UNITED SIKHS today announced a milestone in their fight for social justice: two detained Sikhs are now free. The International Civil & Human Rights Advocacy (ICHRA) legal division of the organization represented the two young men – Anil Singh, 24, and Bittu Maci, 36 – in East Khasi Hills court.
BRAMPTON, CANADA - In a continued effort to combat escalating youth violence in the Peel area, UNITED SIKHS today called upon local leaders to assemble a bi-partisan Task Force on Youth Violence. This action comes two days after hundreds of local residents attended the Town Hall on Youth Violence hosted by the organization in conjunction with the Ontario Gurdwara Committee at Jim Archdekin Recreation Centre.
SHILLONG, INDIA - Amidst a protest organized by a group of more than 100 local women during a government land survey of Punjabi Lane, UNITED SIKHS today announced it is moving forward with legal advocacy work to address the proposed relocation of Sikh residents.
SHILLONG, INDIA – The UNITED SIKHS legal team arrived on ground zero, joined by Harsharan Kaur, the first female turbaned news anchor in the world, to further help facilitate partnerships within the community. Curfew remains imposed in the evenings, and internet services are not yet fully restored.
SHILLONG, INDIA - As the world continues to watch the ongoing crisis, UNITED SIKHS remain committed to providing humanitarian aid to residents of all faiths in Punjabi Lane. Through our mission to uplift those affected by disasters – both natural and man-made – we continue to provide food rations, as well as fire safety equipment and training.
SHILLONG, INDIA - Today marks one week since a mob of 200-300 individuals gathered at Punjabi Lane and attacked police officers and residents near Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara. UNITED SIKHS arrived at ground zero the day after news broke, on June 1, at the direct request of local community leaders.
June 6, 1984 – It's a scorching hot day in Amritsar, where thousands of Sikhs worship daily at the Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) amidst months of unrest throughout Punjab, India. During this time, devotees in the tens of thousands are in the complex to commemorate the martyrdom of Guru Arjun Dev Ji, the 5th Sikh Guru.
SHILLONG, MEGHALYA, INDIA - UNITED SIKHS today released an assessment at Ground Zero as the only NGO providing humanitarian aid amidst the ongoing conflict. As described by local news reports and UNITED SIKHS first-responder personnel, a mob of 200-300 individuals gathered at Punjabi Lane and attacked Sikh homes and businesses near Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara and police officers on the evening of May 31.
PESHAWAR, Pakistan — In response to the reported militant attack that tragically claimed the life of UNITED SIKHS Volunteer Charanjeet Singh, the global nonprofit organization today urged the United States and Pakistan government to provide necessary security measures for the local Sikh community.
UNITED SIKHS today announced open enrollment for the 2018 Advocacy and Humanitarian Aid Academy (AHAA) Summit. This annual program hosts the next generation of human rights advocates for a week of engaging civic courses, meetings with elected officials and leading non-profit organizations, and a host of exciting extracurricular activities in Washington D.C.
UNITED SIKHS filed today a criminal complaint with Shri SS Shrivastav, the IGP cum Commissioner of Police of Amritsar, against a so-called Sant Narayan Dass who has uttered degrading, blasphemous and inflammatory words against Guru Arjan Sahib Ji, the fifth Sikh Guru, which has hurt Sikh religious sentiments and could incite communal hatred and violence. In a YouTube video last week, which went viral and also appeared on other social media sites, Narayan Dass, not only questioned the integrity of Gurbani (Sikh scriptures) but also demeaned and questioned the shaheedi (martyrdom) of Guru Arjan Sahib Ji.
UNITED SIKHS is partnering with Manjot to raise funds for her upcoming trip. As Manjot studies of the pulse of the people in the Middle East, who are actually facing the brunt of human rights violations, she plans to use her findings to arrive at an acceptable diplomatic solution to the ongoing conflict.
UNITED SIKHS is proud to be featured in CNN's next episode of the United Shades of America show with host W. Kamau Bell airing Sunday, May 6, at 10 P.M. ET/PT. To honor the work of our amazing volunteers, we will be hosting a public watch party at our New York office.
The Sikh Centennial Gala is the highlight event for the year for Sikhs in Canada. Each year the Sikh Centennial Gala seeks to highlight and honor accomplishments of dynamic, successful individuals who inspire and educate whilst giving back to the community. These individuals serve as role models and positive ambassadors of the Sikh values. "UNITED SIKHS deserves to be recognized for the work they do, helping so many lives across the globe", said Sikh gala Manraj Mukkar- Centennial Gala Committee Chair.
London-British Airways apologised this month to Harsharan Kaur, the first female turbaned Sikh television anchor in India, following a direction from a mediation body, CEDR. The mediation body found that she did not receive the regular service that she was eligible for, whilst on-board a long-haul BA flight in September last year.
Trenton NJ- On March 26, 2018, the New Jersey State Senate and Assembly passed a joint resolution designating April of every year as "Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month." New Jersey is the first U.S. State to elect a Sikh Mayor, Ravi Singh Bhalla, and appoint a Sikh Attorney General, Gurbir Singh Grewal. The Sikh community of New Jersey has continually taken an active role to help with seva, or selfless community service.
"On behalf of the entire turbaned cycling community, I am very thankful to the whole legal team of UNITED SIKHS for taking up this case. I remember the day when I was not allowed to participate in a cycling event unless I remove my turban and sport a helmet. The pain and frustration experienced at that time was heartfelt and compassionately handled by UNITED SIKHS, who engaged Senior Advocate Rupinder Singh Suri to take up my legal battle for the Right to Turban.
Gursewak wants to become a web developer some day and has been accepted by his dream school, the Digital Hollywood University in Japan. With your support in the past, UNITED SIKHS has been supporting Gursewak's family for a long time now. With lack of support from the government and no permission to work while residing in this country, we request your support again to help him pursue an education.
World continues to reaffirm the myths about all lives being equal and All are having equality of rights. One such living state is in Delta, Nigeria, where most of the population have limited or no access to the most basic amenities. The people living here have precarious and unrelenting day-to-day struggle for survival.
UNITED SIKHS will participate and speak on Sikhism, offer prayers on the event of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations at the United Nations (UNAOC). This event is in partnership with the Committee of Religious NGOs at the UN (CRNGO). The theme for the event is "Inspiring Faith in Humanity". We want to thank our donors and volunteers with whose support we are able to get the Sikh community its due recognition internationally.
This is the UNITED SIKHS mission: to rise and serve humanity at every opportunity presented. Directly inspired from the words of the 10th Master, we work to promote equality and justice through 1) Service to Humanity and 2) Advocacy for Civil Rights. In every aspect, Guru Gobind Singh is the shining example of how divine-inspired leadership through compassion and faith can uplift the downtrodden and bring Light where darkness takes hold.
As 2017 winds down, all of us here at UNITED SIKHS want to take the opportunity to thank you for your dedicated support. Your contributions and commitments have not only helped us achieve our goals for Sikh Aid, International Advocacy, Humanitarian Aid and Community Education & Empowerment, but have also given us the confidence to aim even higher for 2018.
UNITED SIKHS receives reports from Sikh adults and children who are victims of race/biased/hate crimes and from those being denied their rights to practice their religion. A Sikh's right to wear his articles of faith has been challenged in schools, the workplace, Prisons and other public places. UNITED SIKHS provides advice, counsel and legal representation to those whose legal rights are being denied by errant and misinformed authorities and the public. A critical aspect of UNITED SIKHS' advocacy work is to create an awareness of the issues amongst authorities and the public through talks, seminars and multifaith events.
Hope this email finds you well. I find great pleasure in thanking all of you on behalf of UNITED SIKHS for extending your support to empower and assisting in the UN's sustainable development goals (SDGs) focused on the underprivileged throughout the world.
Snow has been sweeping the UK and our volunteers have been working throughout the night to pack winter warmer parcels for families who are less fortunate. A project that started in 2016 with a smallest of families has now grown to over 150 families the parcels consisted of blankets, scarves, hats, gloves, coats and toys.
What does #Giving mean to you? There are many people that come across in our everyday life that perhaps make our days easier, such as neighbors, co-workers, even mail carriers or the local cashier at the grocery store. While giving does not always have to be a gift, offering a kind word or a friendly smile goes a long way in saying thank you for all you do, and will encourage the chances of a friendly and successful relationship.
I learnt that young people aged 18-29 are one of the most under-represented voter groups in the US - yet their values have the power to transform our nation. I also learnt that Sikhs are not currently designated as a US census category, their exact numbers are difficult to estimate. However recent data estimates there are over 250,000 in California alone. I am Hargun Kaur, a teenage graduate, delighted to be part of the UNITED SIKHS Advocacy and Humanitarian Aid Academy (AHAA) program this summer and now trained with the skills to bring a positive change.
While many Americans look to the presence of Santa and mistletoe to signal the start of the giving season, one local group says their desire to give comes out of a principle of selfless service that lies at the heart of their faith. UNITED SIKHS wake up early to prepare hundreds of stuffed burritos, and stock up on bottled waters. Armed with hot meals in hand, volunteers help and feed the hungry people.


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