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UNITED SIKHS is a UN-affiliated, international non-profit, non-governmental, humanitarian relief, human development and advocacy organization, aimed at empowering those in need, especially disadvantaged and minority communities across the world. Click here to learn more about us.


Queens, NY- Earlier yesterday, UNITED SIKHS staff, volunteers and local Sikh leaders met with senior police officials at the 102nd Precinct in Queens, NY to discuss the progress of the investigations in alleged hate motivated case involving Mr. Sandeep Singh. Concerns were expressed regarding the slow pace of the investigations.
Dallas, Texas, USA-On August 10th, a man walked into Gurdwara Singh Sabha of North Texas claiming to be an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officer there to do an audit. He confronted one of the gurdwara members, and accused the gurdwara of not having paid its taxes.
One of our young advocates also met with several Senators and Representatives on the Armed Services committee to discuss his personal story and struggle. The story was met with empathy and understanding that one should not be put in a position to choose between their faith and country.
Washington, DC- The Advocacy & Humanitarian Aid Academy (AHAA) was a successful four-day extensive training program in Washington, DC from July 22-25, 2014 consisting of panels, interactive panels, lectures, and skill-building exercises.
Two years ago on August 5th 2012, the Sikh community in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, stood in silence as a lone, white supremacist gunman fatally shot and killed six innocent members of the Sikh faith, while also shooting himself. The massacre was one of the largest acts of violence on a faith community since the 1963 Church bombings.
Sultanpuri, New Delhi, India - Seventy excited kids got off the bus on their first day at their new school on 14th July 2014. It was their sheer commitment and sweat, which made them brush up on their lessons at daily tuition classes during the Indian summer holidays that got them a place in the Budh Vihar JSS Khalsa School.
Washington DC, USA- Today, we will host our "Innovative Justice" Banquet at the Four Points Sheraton followed by our Sixth Annual Sikh Summit advocacy meetings from July 28th-30th with congressmen, government agencies, and NGOs to discuss Sikh issues around the globe.
What was initially reported by police as a simple traffic accident has now been upgraded to charges of criminal mischief.
Jackson, Mississippi- Earlier this month, UNITED SIKHS' Attorneys Manmeet Singh and Anisha Singh successfully conducted a Sikh Cultural Sensitivities training for law enforcement officials from throughout the state in Jackson, Mississippi.
The AHAA will be an extensive four-day training program including discussions from panels, interactive workshops, tours of federal buildings, lectures, and skill-building exercises. Along with members of the UNITED SIKHS team, presenters from around the United States will be coming to the nation's capitol to train these young minds.
Will you be there to support our fight against drugs in Panjab? Guru Nanak University in Panjab reports that at least 73% of the tate's youth between the ages of 16-35 is currently addicted to drugs.

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Know Your Rights This 4th of July: What you need to know when traveling this weekend.

United States- Fourth of July- Celebrating the nation's birthday sets off the start of one of the busiest times of the year to travel whether it is by car, plane, bus or train.
Please join us for an evening of entertainment and unity. Come spend an evening with Bollywood's super singer star Rabbi Shergill, singer of the chart-topper song of 2005, Bullah Ki Jaana! Rabbi is an advocate and ally of UNITED SIKHS and strongly supports our cause.

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London, UK, 24th June 2014 - UNITED SIKHS will premiere tonight on Sangat TV the first episode of a three-part documentary series 'Unheard Voices', which tells the story of how Sikhs continue their 30-year wait for justice for the thousands of innocent pilgrims who were killed by the Indian Army and for the restitution of the Sikh Reference Library,
Punjab, India - The state of Punjab is slowly being eradicated due to the on-going drug epidemic that is increasing day by day. Did you know that Punjab is in crises mode and that at least 73% of the state's youth between 16-35 is currently addicted to drugs, declared by Guru Nanak University,Punjab. Recently the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reported that Punjab is the second highest state of drug consumption in the whole of India.


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