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UNITED SIKHS-Oxford University TravelAid

This is a youth empowerment project aimed at uplifting minority communities through an English language and mentoring programme.

Since 2006, under the UNITED SIKHS-Oxford University TravelAid project, tertiary level students as well as primary school going village children are taught English by undergraduates of Oxford University, coming to India through Oxford University's student-run registered charity - TravelAid. UNITED SIKHS volunteers are also members of this teaching team.


The venue of this project is Panjab. The project is designed to benefit tertiary level students in Panjab by opening their minds to education opportunities in premier institutions such as Oxford University. Primary school students get an opportunity to learn English from native speakers. In addition, the project benefits the youth volunteers coming to teach, by giving them an insight into village and city life in Panjab, its people and its culture. All the youth involved in the project benefit from the
cross-cultural experience!


Volunteers teach English at Khalsa College, Amritsar and Standard Public High School, Dhulka, which is also a participating school in the UNITED SIKHS STARAE scholarship project.



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Volunteers' Commitment Statements

I love India. I love people in general. I love teaching. I love discovering new cultures. This is a project which enables me to achieve these interests.

- Lila Lamrani

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Q. When is the project?

A. The project is for 5 weeks - the final week of July and the month of August.

Q. How do I apply to volunteer for the project?

A. Please fill in the application and health history forms in the 'Downloads' section above and submit them asap to The deadline for submission is May 1st.

Q. Do we have to arrange accommodation in India?

A. UNITED SIKHS will arrange and pay for clean, comfortable accommodation on a shared basis.

Q. Are meals included in the accommodation?

A. Volunteers arrange and pay for their meals. In the past, the schools have provided lunch.

Q. Will we have to pay for travel?

A. Volunteers pay for their travel to and from India. It is often most convenient for volunteers to fly in and out of Rajasansi Airport, Amritsar. If you plan to travel further in India following the project, it may be most convenient to fly home from New Delhi. Any private travel following the project is arranged and paid for by the volunteers. Domestic travel arrangements during the project are made by UNITED SIKHS but paid for by the volunteers.

Q. Do I need any qualifications to join the project?

A. Volunteers must have a teaching English qualification or previous experience of teaching English as a foreign language.

Q. Can volunteers be of any age?

A. UNITED SIKHS - Oxford University TravelAid is a youth project. The age limit for volunteers is 35.

Q. Do I need a visa to visit India?

A. Please consult the Indian embassy / high commission in your country to obtain information on visa requirements for your travel to India. If you live in England, please visit the following website to obtain visa information and download visa application forms:

Q. What should I pack?

A. August in Amritsar is the height of summer. Girls should be aware that there is a need in India to dress modestly for their own safety and comfort.

Q. Should I have any vaccinations?

A. Yes, have all the vaccinations recommended by your doctor.

Q. Will I need an electrical adapter in India?

A. Yes, you will need an adapter to run any electrical appliances you may bring with you. Different countries have different adapters. The adapter must be suitable for use in India.

Q. How much should I expect to spend during the project?

A. In total, including the cost of flights, you should expect to spend USD 2000 approx.



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